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The Best Kolaches in Utah

Food critic or not, we believe everybody enjoys a nice meal.

We believe food is essential to happiness and if you’re going to make it, you might as well make it good.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to improve and perfect the act of eating in every way, down to its finest details.


How we do business

The Kolache

How we do business

The Dough

With inspiration from our great-grandmother’s kolache recipe, we’ve managed to create the perfect dough. Made from scratch everyday, our dough is hand rolled and filled to bake right in front of you. The ingredients we use are fresh and purchased locally to ensure the same delicious taste every time.


The filling

Everything we put into our kolaches is made daily. The fruits, veggies, and meats are all purchased locally. We crack our own eggs, cut our own meats, and make our own jams and jellies from real fruit.  And last, but certainly far from least, our famous sausage is hand mixed in-house and flavored with our homemade spice blend.

The Kolache

Starting out as only a fruit topped piece of bread in eastern Europe, the kolache has been transformed and stuffed with a range of different toppings and fillings to satisfy anyone’s craving.  The combination of our handmade fillings and great-grandmother’s dough has created the kolache you know and love today.  At Hruska’s Kolaches, we pride ourselves on bringing you only the best.  Our handmade kolaches are baked in small batches, multiple times a day to ensure that everything you eat is fresh.

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