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They're all made

fresh from scratch

When it comes to food, everyone has their own opinion. We believe that food is essential to happiness and if you are going to make it, you might as well make it good.

Food critic or not, we believe that everybody enjoys a nice meal.

So we’ve given ourselves the task of improving and perfecting the act of eating in every way, down to the finest details.

The Best Kolaches in Utah

Meet the Team

Meet The Owners



Devin is the little sister but plays a huge part. As a co-owner and manager, amongst other things, she is the life of Hruska’s Kolaches. She got married before her three older brothers.



Ross is the man. Credit goes to him for starting this place. He is the king of the kitchen. That’s his dog, Butters. Cute, right?



Cory is the other sibling. He is co-owner, manager and in charge of marketing (maybe).

How we do business

How we do business

Our Kolaches are baked in small batches multiple times a day. We make sure that everything you eat is fresh. We pride ourselves on our commitment to bring you only the best and freshest handmade Kolaches.

The Dough

With inspiration from our great-grandmother’s kolache recipe, we managed to create the perfect dough. Made from scratch everyday, our dough is hand rolled and filled to bake right in front of you. The ingredients we use are the freshest around to ensure the same delicious taste every time.


The fillings

Everything we put into our kolache is made daily. The fruits, veggies and meats are all purchased fresh from local stores. We crack our own eggs, cut our own meats, and make our own jams and jellies from real fruit. Our famous sausage is all hand stuffed and flavored with our homemade spice blend. At Hruska’s Kolaches, we make sure that you are going to eat only the freshest of food and we stand by that with 100 % certainty.

The Kolaches

The combination of our handmade fillings and dough come out as the kolache that many have come to love. Ranging from our breakfast flavors to our slow-roasted brisket, we hope you leave craving more. Starting out as only a fruit topped piece of bread in eastern Europe, the kolache has been transformed and stuffed with a range of different toppings and fillings to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

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