Online Store

online ordering guidelines

please submit all orders for provo via the Catering Tab. click here.

  • for all stores: to place an order for Saturday morning, order through the catering page. must be place the day before. please call the store for same day saturday orders. we cannot fullfill all saturday orders  please click here.

for the other stores: please read carefully

Click here to order

    • our online store is open monday-friday, 6:45am to 11:15am.

    • normal store hours are from 6:30am to 12pm. if you need food outside our online store hours, fill out the correct form on the catering page. please click here

    • we offer in ON demand store pickup and delivery Monday-friday. saturday is walkin and email only

    • delivery prices are more expensive so we can pay drivers, etc. if you have an order that you want delivered and is more than 4 dozen, please go to the catering page and fill out a form.

    • please allow 30-45 minutes for orders to be prepared. Times will vary from what is posted.

    • the online store menu is condensed. not everything is AVAILABLE online.

    • for any request that cannot be FULFILLED on our online portal, please email us or fill out an inquiry here

    • to place an order for Saturday morning, order through the catering page.  please click here

    • if you are ready to stuff your face:

      Click here to order

    • For orders larger than 4 dozen, allow for at least a 2hrs notice, or place it in 24hrs in advance. please submit orders via the Catering Tab. click here

      -for any special flavors or off menu items, please email us


***please note that this is a beta system that we are experimenting with, so things will chnage over the next couple weeks as we roll out our new online system. we have never offered on demand ordering so this is new for us, but we really want to open all mediums of reaching yall. we have such a great community and want to serve yall the best we can. thanks for being patient as we work on our online experience. if you have any feedback, please let us know! ***