Hruskas Twilight
Welcome to The Hruska’s Twilight Shop.  This is an online, nightime, delivery-only popup project.  Along side yalls favorite sweet kolaches, like raspberry cream, we’ll be serving up off menu dessert kolaches that’ll be made to order and delivered straight to your door from our evening ghost kitchen.
So stop rummaging through your fridge in search of grammas left over pie and put back on your pajamas. Sit down and indulge in Hruska’s Twilight. If you’re not in your jammies and you so happen to be properly dressed (or not…), at a party or working late or chilling with friends…get Hruska’s Twilight in your belly.
When will Hruska’s Twilight be open?
Answer: When we feel like it.
So be sure to check out our social media and website when the Shop will be open and what offerings will be available.
Now…we’d love to satisfy the collective sweet tooth of Utah every night, but for the moment, these delicacies will be available via our Doordash strore and website for online ordering  on a random basis.
Hope it blows yalls mind. Indulge with confidence.
We will post here when and where it will be open and what offerings will be available. Keep in mind that the Twilight shop is not for dine in or walk-ins. It is for scheduled pickups and delivery only. Thanks!

Saturday October 16 in Sugar House

special offerings: Chocolate Amaretto, Hruskas PB&J, Caramel Pumpkin Pecan

6:30 pm-9:30pm


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